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a place both wonderful and strange: FIRE WALK WITH ME: RESOUNDTRACKED LIVE (FREE)

Friday, August 9th @ 7pm

Journey into the world of Laura Palmer’s nightmares and the ultimate evil himself, BOB, on this night as a place both wonderful and strange (Russ Marshalek, formerly of Silent Drape Runners) takes his acclaimed Twin Peaks re-soundtracking and applies it to a new show: Fire Walk With Me.

Lynch’s cult classic film, the prelude to and also the swan song for his beloved noir television epic Twin Peaks, gets sonically reconfigured as Badalamenti’s score gets removed, replaced instead with sonic reconstructions and songs both achingly familiar and epically foreign. It’s the bleak Fire Walk With Me landscape made wry, touching, and horrifying in a way you’ve never seen it before.

a place both wonderful and strange and vocalist/performer GHOST COP will be touring FIRE WALK WITH ME throughout the southeast this fall. Prior Twin Peaks resoundtrackings have consistently sold out across the country, this is a very rare chance to watch a new piece of work and a new interpretation of Lynch’s classic come to life in an intimate environment, still raw and pulsing.

Once again, this is an entirely new show, pieced together to make FIRE WALK WITH ME live and breathe through sonic reconstruction.

Doors 6:30/Show 7PM PROMPTLY