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Dave the Spazz Movie Club presents THE PLOT AGAINST HARRY (1969) + an episode of JOHNNY STACCATO (1959) + NORTHWEST HOUNDED POLICE (1946) ($5)

Eventbrite - THE PLOT AGAINST HARRY (1969)

Saturday,  April 20th @ 8pm

1969 – directed by Michael Roemer – with Martin Priest, Ben Lang and Maxine Woods

The story behind this indie-sleeper is mythic–unable to get distribution in 1969, it sat on a shelf for twenty years before its triumphant premiere at the New York and Toronto Film Festivals. Shot on location in the Bronx, The Plot Against Harry is a breezy tale about a Jewish gangster trying to get back into the game after a nine month stretch in prison. Deadpan, oddball and funny in all the right places, it’s a terrific little movie in the tradition of Mean Streets, early Altman and Cassavetes.

81 minutes

PLUS!–an episode of John Cassavetes’ rarely screened, jazz-fueled TV show Johnny Staccato and legendary animator Tex Avery at his best in Northwest Hounded Police! Five bucks (cheap!)