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Wednesday, March 26th @8:30PM

Freaks and Geeks run was short but sweet. Just one season, just 18 episodes. Was it too authentic for prime time? Was it that ambiguous genitalia episode? Whatever its reason for cancellation, it introduced us to the likes of James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Judd Apatow (among others). And we just can’t get enough of it. Remember that time when Bill dressed up as the Bionic Woman? Or the time Sam accidentally streaked? Or when Ken’s girlfriend reveals she was born with ambiguous genitalia? Oh yeah, we already mentioned that.

Anyway, the show is still hilarious, and now it’s going to be even more fun because we’ve combined it with bingo: put a chip down when someone says “mathlete,” when someone makes a Star Wars reference, or when someone cuts class. Plus: drink juice barrels and enjoy some special cafeteria treats! We’ll save you a seat at the lunch table!

Episode 11: Looks and Books
After Lindsay crashes the Weir family car while trying to help drive Daniel and his friends around, her parents indefinitely ground her and forbid her from seeing the gang of freaks ever again. Shaken up by the experience, Lindsay gladly abides and tries to reassociate herself with her old friends, including Millie. In the process, she rejoins the mathlete team and reveals her competitive side. Meanwhile, after a new hair style doesn’t impress Cindy, Sam decides to dress more attractively, buying a powder blue disco jumpsuit. The attire gives him nothing but negative attention.

Episode 12: The Garage Door
Sam and Bill both admire Neal’s father (Sam McMurray) until Sam accidentally sees Mr. Schweiber hugging a strange woman. Fearing that Mr. Schweiber may be cheating on Mrs. Schweiber (Amy Aquino), Sam tells Bill and then Neal. Soon after, Neal finds an unfamiliar garage door remote control in his father’s car. The three friends start hunting around the neighborhood on their bicycles, searching for the garage door the remote control belongs to. Meanwhile, Ken reveals his first crush to be on a girl named Amy (Jessica Campbell) who plays the tuba in McKinley’s marching band. The freaks, along with Amy, go to the local laser dome to see a Pink Floyd laser show, but mistakenly arrive on southern rock night.