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Local Filmmaker Showcase: ANTON PERICH PRESENTS

Monday, September 30th @ 9:30pm

On September 30 at 9:30pm, the very unique filmmaker, photographer, painter, and editor, Anton Perich, will be here to present three short films. You might remember him as the photographer who took iconic portraits of Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jean Michel Basquiat, or you might remember him as that guy who kept getting into trouble for putting extreme and obscene adult content on public access television. Either way, we’re really excited to have him and can’t wait to share his work with the community. The shorts are experimental, provocative pieces that explore sexuality, technology and religion. But don’t worry about having to leave scratching your head. Anton will be here for a Q&A after the screening. This event is free. RSVP to to reserve seating or for inquiries.

Victor Hugo Rojas
Starring Victor Hugo Rojas.
15 Min. 1978
Victor Hugo Rojas was an early performance artist. He has collaborated with legends like Warhol and Halston. This video is an intimate portrait of Victor slowly getting into a trance with his friends, in order to execute a new performance piece: “Destroying a Warhol Painting”. This is a documentation of a real destruction of Warhol’s portrait of Victor, by cutting it in pieces with a box cutter. Part of Victor’s greatness in performance art was that he had to sacrifice something of  a great value in every piece that he performed. Unlike today’s ubiquity of cheap and false performance art. Victor is a master, mostly rejected and marginalized by the contemporary followers.

Kristina and the Agonies
Starring Kristina Korsholm
20 Min.  2007
Kristina’s boyfriend broke her arms, so that she could not write e-mails to her other boyfriend. Now her boyfriend is threatening  to brake her legs, because she is typing her e-mails with her toes. Kristina endures a number of agonies, as if searching for sainthood. She lives with an artist who sold his soul to the machine. She is a flesh and blood clock, spending  endless hours standing in the window telling time with her limbs. She eats burnt red roses  with thorns.

The New Girl
Starring Misha Sedgwick
27 Min.  2008
Misha is in love and hate with the digital everything. In this world her only possessions are a Chelsea loft, a pillow, a cellphone and a laptop. With a cellphone she catches a mouse. She is freezing . She uses a laptop like a hot brick between her legs, to keep warm. She is starving. Walnuts are the only food in the loft, but there is no  walnut cracker. During the entire movie she is on speaker phone with her boyfriend, who is in LA, and who is questioning her bizarre world, threatening to send the police.