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Monday, December 3rd @ 9:30pm

1981 – Penelope Spheeris – with Black Flag,  X and Circle Jerks

We’re kicking off our bi-monthly Music Mondays series with one of the most sought-after documentaries that remains unavailable on DVD, Penelope Spheeris‘ essential 1981 punk document, THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Spheeris gets in close with many of the bands on the then-thriving Los Angeles scene, including The Germs, Black Flag, X, Fear and Catholic Discipline. Funny,insightful and full of great music performances, Decline is essential viewing whether you’ve ever jumped in a mosh pit or not.

Of course punk at the time confused and frightened the establishment, and there may be no better example of the total misunderstanding of what the scene was about than “Next Stop, Nowhere,” the infamous “punk rock” episode of NBC series QUINCY which we’ll air immediately after Decline. In it, the LAPD medical examiner investigates a “slam pit” stabbing at a local punk club and discovers a genre of music that says “life was cheap, and murder and suicide is okay.” Diagnosis? Hilarity!

100 mins + 47 mins