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Pro Wrestling Cinema presents NO HOLDS BARRED (1989) (FREE)

Thursday, April 18th @ 8:30pm

If you often imagine yourself as Suburban Commando, The Marine, or Kevin Nash as The Super Shredder, then have we got an event for you! Pro Wrestling Cinema, a series centered around feature films starring professional wrestlers, has come to lay the smacketh down at Videology!

1989 – directed by Thomas J. Wright – with Hulk Hogan and Zeus

“What’s that smell?”

Sitting comfortably with a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, No Holds Barred, produced by Vince McMahon and star Hulk Hogan, is the holy grail of wrestling movies. Seriously. Mention this film, which features Hogan as the ultimate good guy and Tommy “Tiny” Lister as the destroyer of all mankind, to any child of the 1980s and they’ll confirm this (after they put down their Wrestling Buddies, of course). It’s so meta that it even inspired a feud between Hogan and Zeus on WWF television, culminating in a tag match at the 1989 Summerslam! The film even features cameos by Jesse Ventura and Mean Gene Okerlund! Simply put, No Holds Barred features a smorgasbord of talent, most of which is probably not on display here.

93 mins

In addition, we’ll be featuring the intense promos and matches (the 1989 Summerslam main event) that lead up to the film, a tribute to the acting career of Tommy “Tiny” Lister, fun-filled trivia rounds, DVD prizes, dramatic scene reenactments, and $1 off drinks for Hulkamaniacs sporting the classic Hulkamania red and yellow t-shirt! And remember, there will be NO HOLDS BARRED!