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The Deuce presents FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (1974) (FREE)

Thursday, January 31st @ 9:00pm

1974 – directed by Paul Morrissey – with Udo Keir and Joe Dellasandro

More “Flesh” for 42nd St! FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN breathes hard at The Liberty Theater!This month The Deuce gets “X’d” as the NYC “art scene” moves into Times Square (via Italy) with ANDY WARHOL’S FRANKENSTEIN (aka: FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN – “A film by Paul Morrissey”). Outrageously over-the-top and bursting with absurdity – Paul Morrissey’s take on the Frankenstein mythology is a Creation story run rampant with Freudian overtones, Marxist parallels and barrels of outlandish gore! Insest, horrendous accents, homo-erotic hunkiness and sado-sexual surgeries! Udo Kier as the most demented and delirious Dr. Frankenstein –  whose disgust with the human race propels him to the creation of his own “Serbian Master Race”.   And Morrissey regular Joe Dellasandroas the dallying “Stable Boy”!

Made in Italy by Factory mainstay Morrissey in conjunction with ANDY WARHOL’S DRACULA (neither of which Warhol had any more to do with other than putting his name on them for distribution) – both films were slapped with X ratings on release in America. Both were met with appallingly offended reviews – the extremes of their overtly sex and gore laden silliness were too much for mainstream audiences to “stomach”.  But in 1975 The Liberty Theater brought them together for more the adventurous Deuce crowd with promises of “Horror! Chills! And Sex!” in these two X-rated “Adult Thrillers!” – all promises that FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN delivers on.. It was a new era – X was in – and The Deuce had it! So come get some Adult Thrills as The Deuce takes you to The Liberty Theater for a movie that’s definitely got some gall (bladder) – if you think you can stomach it!

95 minutes