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Game Night: Wes Anderson BINGO presented by Slate (FREE)

Tuesday, November 27th @ 8:30 pm

Much has been written about director Wes Anderson’s many stylistic signatures. In fact, spotting them has become something of a sport among both fans and detractors. So why not make it an actual game that you can play with friends? We give you Wes Anderson BINGO. So throw on your tan suit jacket and vintage eyeglasses, and come to Videology to get your precious whimsy on.

Lucky winners will be able to select from a number of Wes-themed prizes: Darjeeling cordials, red knit hats, handmade mix-tapes of 60’s brit-pop, and more!

Tonight’s presentation: THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS

2001 – directed by Wes Anderson – with Gene Hackman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller and Anjelica Huston

109 minutes - presented on Blu-Ray