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WFMU’s DAVE THE SPAZZ MOVIE CLUB presents CHANGE OF HABIT (1969) + Elvis rarities ($5)

Eventbrite - CHANGE OF HABIT (1969)

Saturday, January 26th @ 9pm

1969 – directed by William A. Graham – with Elvis Presley, Mary Tyler Moore and Timothy Carey

In honor of Elvis’ birthday month, the Dave the Spazz Movie Club is proud to present a rare public screening of The King in his 31st and last dramatic film.

It’s Paradise Harlem Style as Elvis Presley (in his favorite role as Dr. John Carpenter) tackles the world of inner-city despair with a guitar and a stethoscope. Co-starring Mary Tyler Moore as the nun on the run who just can’t make up her mind between the King of Kings and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Along the way there’s bizarre social commentary, random drug use, new age healing, groovy songs, runaway girls and Ed Asner as a cop. Even cult hero Timothy Carey drops by to ladle his crazy sauce all over the tension-filled misunderstanding-in-the-bodega sequence. With the Universal back lot filling in for NYC, CHANGE OF HABIT is one of The King’s strangest and most entertaining projects.

93 minutes

PLUS!–Elvis rarities, musical acts shot on the actual streets of Harlem, 16mm chimp movies from the Spazz Archives and other surprises! Five bucks (cheap!)