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Dear Loyal DVD Customers

A lot of things have changed around here, huh? After over a year and a half of construction, moving from one end of the store to the other, shifting our enormous collection around, and finally opening our doors just a month ago as the new Videology, we have heard a lot of feedback, good and bad, from customers new and old. Many people are very excited about the changes, love our ever-expanding lineup of screenings and the idea of renting a movie, having a beer, and then hanging around for trivia night or watching a film in the back.

However, we are well aware that many people are not too thrilled with all of the changes. Why couldn’t we just stay a video store? How are people supposed to pick out a movie without being able to browse them all on the shelves?

To our loyal customers who have been with us anywhere from a few months to several years, let me just say this: we hear you.

A couple years ago, it became terribly obvious that a video store in this day and age was not something that could flourish on its own anymore, especially in New York City, let alone Williamsburg. We tried a lot of different things, some that were successful (No Late Fee Plans!), others not so much (delivery… a valiant effort). But in the end it came down to a singular decision: change or close.

With a collection of over 30,000 movies and many regular customers, shuttering our doors was not an option. So we came up with a plan. It was risky and expensive and we could be running ourselves even further into the ground, but there was nothing left to lose. Times had changed. Netflix and iTunes and Amazon and Redbox… well, they became our direct competition and that was a tough battle. So we decided we’d offer something that they can’t: a movie lover’s paradise, right here in Brooklyn.

During the course of our construction and figuring out the new business, the one constant that was always clear was that we would not stop video rentals. We wouldn’t squander our collection. Unfortunately, there just isn’t much room for browsing, so we continued to adapt. iPads started popping up a number of months ago and development of our new website began. The primary focus with the site was to offer as strong a replacement for physical browsing as possible. And in the end, it will be even stronger. You will always be able to ask our knowledgable staff, but pretty soon you’ll be able to get the kind of information with a couple taps that you couldn’t get by just looking at the DVD.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the major features.

All of our sections are now back in virtual form. And as time goes on, they’ll be broken down even more. We’ve had a lot of requests over the years of specific subcategories (classic television, British films, etc.) and the new browsing will reflect those. Even better, we’ll be able to add categories and keywords on the fly. Want to see all of our Christmas films in one place? You got it!


And what about searching? That’s getting quite an upgrade with intuitive features to help you get to your choice faster. There will be more advanced options as well, to narrow things down by year, genre, actor, and more.







And finally, a preview of the wealth of information available to you from the DVD pages themselves.

All of the most important film information, right there. You can even see quick scores from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, or watch the trailer. And, as always, you can see if things are checked in or out with real-time availability.

There are a lot more features in the works, like:

  • Customer-curated categories!
  • Email/SMS reservations!
  • Full dynamic listings of upcoming new releases – including notifications!
…and even more that’s too top secret to mention!

As you can see, we’ll be working extra hard in the new year to make sure that our DVD rentals don’t catch any more slack.Best of all, as the new business grows, so will our collection! There have been a lot of requests that we’ve amassed, from the rare and culty to blu-rays of older favorites to some that have simply escaped from our clutches.

So come by, take in a movie, have a drink, rent something special and keep checking back on the website, because it’s gonna be awesome!

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